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  • General rules:

  • →Minimum age is 18 years. In case of doubt, they must be able to prove this through identification. Visitors who refuse to show their identification will be turned away.

  • → Single gentlemenare required to make a reservation. We ensure a good ratio of male-female couples. Men who come without a reservation will be refused.

  • → Clues from club employees relating to the house rules must be followed. In the event of uncertainty or difference of opinion, the management's judgment is binding.

  • →You become expected to cooperate in the control of weapons and drug possession.

  • → The useof mobile phones and photo and film equipment is prohibited. Mobile phones are only allowed at the entrance and outside the building.

  • →The entrance fee includes all drinks, buffet and other facilities unless stated otherwise on the website. Abusive drinking (leaving drinks half full) will not be tolerated.

  • → Excessive alcohol consumption is not allowed. We reserve the right to no longer serve alcohol.

  • → Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

  • →We treat all our visitors with respect and expect the same from our visitors. Nothing is mandatory, no means no and we apply the 1 x questions policy. Pushy or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. The certified security guards keep an eye on things.

  • → Receive upon arrival Each person has a key to a locker (dressing cabinet), where all your belongings can be safely stored. You are responsible for your own property. We are not responsible for theft, loss and/or damage.

  • → Dress code for men: tight boxer shorts (no swimming trunks or sportswear) and for the ladies lingerie is... We make an exception at our bar. If you enter as a first timer, you can sit at the bar in your clothes until the tension has gone.

  • → After 02:00 We no longer allow visitors to enter, even with a reservation.

  • → Take it with you glass on the entire ground floor is prohibited.

  • → The building is protected by surveillance cameras. Failure to follow the house rules may result in access to the club being denied. Social hygiene:

  • →We expect that our guests look neat and tidy. Entering in sportswear/gymwear is not permitted.

  • → Take advantage of towels and make sure you leave the erotic areas clean and tidy.

  • → Pretty safe! Use a condom when having sex, they are available in all erotic areas

  • → Take advantage from the trash and make sure you leave your glass in a safe place. 

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