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Step into a world where desires know no bounds and pleasure becomes an art form -    


       Showboat meetApollodore

                     Saturday March 30, 2024 

Private and exclusive event/limited places available,

please register via this link:

The attraction flows at the heart of this exclusive event

byClub Showboat seamlessly with the sophistication ofApollodore, and promises an evening that goes beyond the ordinary.

Prepare for an international escapade, a journey that embraces workshops,Shibari- spectacles, Tantra massages, an erotic oneShibari exhibition and many rooms with themes to play in. We welcome guests from all over the world to theShowboatto attend the celebration of fun and connection.

Immerse yourself in a world where desires run wild and the boundaries of pleasure fade.

Shibari workshop, discover the ropes:

Behold the art ofShibari while skilled practitioners weave intricate patterns of desire and control. A visual spectacle that transcends the physical addsShibari an artistic touch to the erotic tapestry of the evening.

Tantra massage withApollodore:

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Tantra with soothing and sensual massages. Let skilled hands guide you through a journey of sensations, creating a deeper connection with yourself and your partner.

Erotic Shibari exhibition ofWilliam Pencli @willampenkli.artiste (instagram):

Feast your eyes on an exhibition that celebrates the beauty of human sensuality. Let your desires flow as William Penkli exhibits his erotic creations.

DRESS CODE: Provocative outfits, 'Dress to impress', leather, latex, vinyl, fetish and quirky outfits are also appreciated.
Join us at the intersection of passion and refinement, where boundaries blur and desires take the stage. Combine the charm ofClub Showboat with the mysticism ofApollodore. This is not just any event; this isODYSINS - an odyssey through the vices and senses.

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